Republican Freedom Caucus of Virginia State PAC

Our mission is to contribute financial support to Conservative Republicans who are running to represent us in non-Federal political bodies.

The Republican Freedom Caucus of Virginia State PAC is an extension of the Freedom Caucus of Western Virginia which was founded in the Shenandoah Valley in February 2019. The initial members of the Caucus were Republican leaders in the 6th Congressional District Republican Committee. Membership was expanded soon after the founding to include those who were active in Republican Party campaigns.

Because of the rapid expansion of the Freedom Caucus, the organization now has members who reside in the 5th Congressional District, 6th Congressional District, the 7th Congressional District and the 9th Congressional District.

One of the recent projects of the Freedom Caucus has been the creation of a Virginia State PAC. Official Republican Committees are governed by the bylaws of the Republican Party of Virginia. Those bylaws, called the State Party Plan, forbid Republican Committees from supporting or opposing candidates in Party contests such as Primaries and Conventions. That prohibition hinders active Republicans from participating in the nominating process for candidates, unless they do so as individuals or in an ad hoc group.

In June, 2022, the Freedom Caucus voted to sponsor the creation of a separately incorporated State PAC. The PAC would be legally and functionally distinct from the Freedom Caucus.

In August, 2022 the Republican Freedom Caucus of Virginia State PAC was officially incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The PAC is governed by a Board of Directors. The current Board includes members from the 6th and 9th Congressional Districts. Biographies of the Board members may be found on the “About Us” page of this website.

The goal of the PAC is to participate in Republican Party contests to support the nomination of Conservative candidates. Good public policy begins with electing good candidates to public office.