Freedom Caucus Candidates


Endorsed candidates, End Of Year Report for 2023

1. Sirron Ballard, Clerk of the Court, Page County, Lost
2. Dave Bourne, Treasurer, Augusta County, Won
3. Gloria Carlineo, School Board, Shenandoah County, Won
4. Hollie Cave, School Board, Rockingham County, Won
5. Larry Chico, School Board, Rockingham County, Lost
6. Wilson Fauber, City Council, Staunton City, Lost
7. Sharon Griffin, School Board, Augusta County, Won
8. Chris Head, State Senate, General Assembly, Won
9. Joel Hensley, Supervisor, Rockingham County, Won
10. Sarah Kahle, Clerk of the Court, Frederick County, Won
11. John Massoud, State Senate, General Assembly,
12. Leslie Matthews, School Board, Warren County, Lost
13. Walter Michael, Supervisor, Botetourt County, Won
14. Chris Obenshain, House of Delegates, General Assembly, Won
Percent of elections won: 64%

Endorsed Candidates, as of May 2, 2023

The 2023 Election Cycle is well under way. So far, the Freedom Caucus of Western Virginia has endorsed seven candidates for Public Office. They are:

  1. 6th Congressional District Republican Chairman John Massoud for Senate District 1.
  2. Delegate Chris Head for Senate District 3.
  3. Chris Obenshain for House of Delegates District 41.
  4. Walter Michael for the Botetourt County Board of Supervisors.
  5. Sharon Griffin for the Augusta County School Board.
  6. Joel Hensley for Rockingham County Board of Supervisors.
  7. Hollie Cave for Rockingham County School Board.

It is anticipated that additional candidates will be endorsed in the weeks and months ahead.

6th Congressional District Republican Chairman John Massoud

On February 4, 2023, the members of the Freedom Caucus of Western Virginia unanimously endorsed John Massoud to be the Republican candidate for the Virginia Senate from District 1. The vote was taken at the February 4th meeting of the Caucus.

John is currently the Chairman of the 6th Congressional District Republican Committee. He has a proven record of being a Constitutional Conservative and a fighter for Conservative causes.

Delegate Chris Head

Delegate Chris Head of District 17 in Virginia House of Delegates will speak at a meeting of the Freedom Caucus on December 3, 2022. Delegate Head is a candidate for the newly formed District 3 for the Virginia State Senate in 2023.

It is expected that there will be a Primary or Convention to elect the Republican nominee. The election to represent Senate District 3 will be one of the contests that the Freedom Caucus PAC will review.