Freedom Caucus endorses four more candidates

Sarah Kahle
At the August 19th meeting of the Freedom Caucus of Western Virginia, the members voted unanimously to endorse Sarah Kahle to be elected as Clerk of the Court in Frederick County. Sarah’s campaign theme is that she will be a Constitutional Officer who faithfully serves the citizens of Frederick County.

Sarah is a conservative candidate. She possesses the organizational and leadership skills that are required for the position. The Freedom Caucus urges the voters of Frederick County to elect Sarah on November 7th. 

Gloria Carlineo
At that meeting, the members of the Freedom Caucus unanimously endorsed Gloria Carlineo to be elected to the Shenandoah County School Board. She is extraordinarily well qualified to serve the people of Shenandoah County. 

Gloria seeks to stop radical indoctrination in the schools. She will be the articulate voice of parents on the School Board. In addition, she is an advocate for School Choice and she supports the successful preparation of students for the future. 

Wilson Fauber
Also, at the meeting, Freedom Caucus members unanimously endorsed Wilson Fauber to be elected to the Staunton City Council. Wilson was born in Staunton and been a resident for over 60 years. 

Wilson is a conservative candidate. He understands the role of government in a democratic Republic. When elected, he will represent the people of Staunton with wisdom and with energy. He is running a spectacular campaign with his signs appearing everywhere! 

Leslie Matthews
Leslie Mathews is a candidate for the Warren County School Board. Leslie’s motivation to run for the seat is the result of the controversial policies adopted by the School Board. 

Examples of those policies include transgender rights and the “Second Step Program” which indoctrinates students with values that may differ from what they learn at home. 

Leslie has observed a significant decline in the educational proficiency of children. Because of that, she believes schools should prioritize teaching students foundational skills such as reading, writing, and mathematics, rather than divisive social issues.

Freedom Caucus endorses three more candidates

On Saturday, June 24, 2023, the Freedom Caucus of Western Virginia endorsed three more candidates for election. Members of the Caucus unanimously endorsed:

  1. Larry Chico to be elected to the Rockingham County School Board.
  2. Shirron Ballard to be elected as the Clerk of the Court of Page County.
  3. David Bourne to be elected as the Treasurer of Augusta County.

L to R: Steve Richards – Chairman, Larry Chico – Candidate, Dave Bourne – Candidate, Donna Moser – Treasurer, Sandy Gates – Secretary

Freedom Caucus Chairman Steve Richards stated, “We are proud to endorse these exceptional candidates who have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to conservative principles. Their dedication to limited government, free markets, and individual liberty aligns perfectly with the values cherished by the Freedom Caucus of Western Virginia. We believe they possess the leadership qualities necessary to make a positive impact and bring about meaningful change in our communities.”

The endorsements from the Freedom Caucus of Western Virginia are expected to provide a significant boost to the endorsed candidates’ campaigns. With the Caucus’s backing, these individuals now have an enhanced opportunity to connect with conservative voters, gain support from like-minded organizations, and further amplify their messages.

John Massoud endorsed by the Freedom Caucus of Virginia

Republican candidate John Massoud sent an Email Blast to voters in Virginia’s State Senate District 1 on May 23, 2023. John is engaged in a Party Primary that will be held on June 20th. Here is the content of that campaign letter:

“I hope this email finds you in good health and high spirits. Today, I am delighted to announce that I have been endorsed by the esteemed Western Virginia Freedom Caucus in my campaign for State Senate. It is an honor to have their support, and I wanted to share this exciting news with you.

The Western Virginia Freedom Caucus is a prominent organization dedicated to upholding the values that matter most to conservatives. Their endorsement signifies the alignment of my campaign with the principles that resonate strongly with conservative voters. Allow me to highlight some of the common conservative values that have prompted this endorsement.

1. Limited Government: The Western Virginia Freedom Caucus recognizes the importance of limiting government intervention and empowering individuals and businesses to thrive. As a conservative candidate, I firmly believe in reducing bureaucratic red tape, lowering taxes, and safeguarding the liberties of our citizens.

2. Fiscal Responsibility: The endorsement from the Freedom Caucus signifies our shared commitment to responsible financial stewardship. I believe in prioritizing budgetary discipline and eliminating wasteful spending.

3. Second Amendment Rights: The Western Virginia Freedom Caucus understands the fundamental importance of the Second Amendment in preserving individual liberties and protecting our families and homes. I am an ardent supporter of our constitutional right to bear arms and will vigorously defend it in the State Senate.

4. Traditional Values: The Freedom Caucus recognizes the significance of traditional values that have formed the foundation of our great nation. I share their commitment to safeguarding the sanctity of life and protecting religious freedom.

5. Free Market Principles: I am grateful for the Freedom Caucus’s endorsement because it reflects our shared belief in free market principles. I firmly advocate for policies that foster competition, encourage entrepreneurship, and promote economic growth, all of which lead to prosperity for individuals and our community as a whole.

It is with great pride that I accept the endorsement of the Western Virginia Freedom Caucus. Their support affirms my dedication to these conservative principles and my unwavering commitment to representing the values of our district. I look forward to serving Senate District 1 and plan to create a General Assembly Freedom Caucus once elected!”

Live Free or Die, John Massoud

 Freedom Caucus endorses two more candidates

On Saturday, April 29th, Caucus Members voted to endorse Joel Hensley for Supervisor in Rockingham County. Joel is an excellent candidate who will be a great asset to Rockingham when he is elected.

Members also endorsed Hollie Cave for the Rockingham County School Board. Hollie is an articulate candidate who knows what needs to be done to set the Public Schools on a path of effective instruction. Her campaign theme is “Back to Basics.”

Freedom Caucus endorses four candidates

On Saturday, April 1, 2023 the Freedom Caucus of Western Virginia endorsed four candidates for Public Office.

Freedom Caucus members voted unanimously to endorse Delegate Chris Head to be the Republican candidate for the State Senate from Senate District 3.

Freedom Caucus members voted unanimously to endorse Chris Obenshain to be the Republican candidate for Delegate from House District 41.

Freedom Caucus members voted unanimously to endorse Walter Michael to be a Republican candidate for the Botetourt County Board of Supervisors.

Freedom Caucus members voted unanimously to endorse Sharon Griffin to be elected to the Augusta County School Board.

All four candidates are people of great energy, good judgment, and enduring values.

Rep. Bob Good: The Best of the Best

Rep. Bob Good was the Guest Speaker at the February 4, 2023 meeting of the Freedom Caucus. Congressman Good is a leader of the Freedom Caucus in the US House of Representatives. He represents the 5th Congressional District of Virginia which borders the 6th Congressional District on the East side of the Blue Ridge.

Rep. Good spoke to the group about the approaching battle to raise the spending limit of the Federal government.

It was apparent to all those who attended the meeting, that if we had many more members of Congress like Bob Good, the country would not be suffering under its current leadership.

Freedom Caucus endorses John Massoud

On February 4th, the members of the Freedom Caucus of Western Virginia unanimously endorsed John Massoud to be the Republican candidate for the Virginia Senate from District 1. The vote was taken at the February 4th meeting of the Caucus.

John is currently the Chairman of the 6th Congressional District Republican Committee. He has a proven record of being a Constitutional Conservative and a fighter for Conservative causes.

December 3, 2022: Freedom Caucus Meeting

Delegate Chris Head of District 17 in Virginia House of Delegates addressed a meeting of the Freedom Caucus on December 3, 2022. Delegate Head is a candidate for the newly formed District 3 for the Virginia State Senate in 2023.

It is expected that there will be a Primary or Convention to elect the Republican nominee. The election to represent Senate District 3 will be one of the contests that the Freedom Caucus PAC will review.